Intheoreum is a new platform for ultra-centralized applications with arbitrary trust. C-APPS allow people all over the world to conduct transactions, by placing their trust in one man, Bob.


Bob controls a worldwide public record of all transactions and is provably arbitrary. We call this record, the Bobchain.


The only limit on what you can do with Intheoreum is Bob himself. The Bobchain is nothing more than a man in a room maintaining the state of the intheoreum network with Number 2 Pencil technology. New transactions come in and Bob records them. Questions about the state of a transaction go to Bob as well, he responds when he can or doesn't. Bob is chained in a room to ensure maximum uptime of the Intheoreum network.


We briefly considered a more arbitrary model where humans with large computers that waste energy, control wealth and ensure trust, but then we met Bob and he seemed cool and willing to do it.


Join us and let's see how it goes.