what the CRYPTOCURRENCY press has been saying about the Intheoreum launch:


“After years of watching our Dogecoins rise and fall because of some random politician in Greece who doesn't even know what a public key is, the world stands ready to embrace the full-arbitrariness-renaissance.” - CoinShill Magazine


“I moved to Iceland for the cheap electricity and haven't seen the sun in many months. By moving my assets onto the Bobchain I can live anywhere in the world. I'm thinking Barbados... do you think Bob will let me?” – CryptoFoLife


“I'm up to my ears in cryptographic mumbo jumbo! Just tell me if I'm rich or not Bob!” - BitLate


"It's launch marks the dawn of a new era of human social activity-- Wait, who's Bob... we're talking about Ethereum right?" - Some guy at a bitcoin conference.